the bears growled and circled
Jim and his wife
and their two children.
they were goners
for sure.
one of the boys,
the smart one,
fingered the
in his back pocket –
he had eleven pieces of shot
and there were nine
angry bears
in the pack.
exactly the odds I like,
he thought, smiling.
‘Leave everything to me, Dad!’
he shouted.
when he pulled out
his slingshot,
it got caught in his belt.
his belt tore free
and his pants
fell down.
the bears stopped advancing
and began to laugh.
yelled Rudy,
who tripped and
fell over,
exposing his white ass.
the bears were still chuckling about it
later that night,
as the fire turned
and they patted their fuzzy tummies.

poem by Sean U’Ren

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